About Us

Animal Trackers Club makes learning fun. Our goal is to provide hands-on learning and playful educational tools that promote curiosity, imagination, and intellectual development. In a world increasingly reliant on digital entertainment, we provide activities that develop fine motor skills and verbal communication.

Using research-based educational methodologies, our products are developed to provide multi-sensory experiences that stimulate memory, interest, and growth. These multi-sensory methodologies, along with the idea that learning can be fun, serve as the basic concept for the Animal Trackers Club. This idea came to our club’s founder, Kristen Olsen, when she was an elementary and special education/resource teacher. There she encountered many unconventional learners and found that teaching them through this methodology brought not only learning but also enjoyment. She later founded and developed the curriculum for a preschool where she taught for 12 years, witnessing firsthand the critical importance of multi-sensory activities and a teacher’s enthusiasm, particularly for young children. Kristen holds a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology and elementary education.

As the proud mother of four children, Kristen wanted to share her love of learning and experience as an educator with other families and children. Animal Trackers Club was created with that goal in mind. We offer products that will allow the children in your life to discover the wonders of our physical world and begin a lifelong love of learning.

Join us on the journey!

Kristen Olsen